Berkshire Hathaway 2015 Meeting Photos & Videos

Some footage from the « Woodstock of Capitalism ». Sorry for the poor quality of images, but you should be able to recognize some folks here and there.

This year, Berkshire Hathaway people decided to open its exhibition hall a day earlier to allow people to come and shop around and also because the attendance was expected to be larger than 2014 (39,000 last year; more than 40,000 this year). A large number of subsidiaries and companies in which BRK is a majority shareholder were present.

So had you time and some money to spend you could buy from Brooks, Heinz, Fruits of the Loom, GEICO, the list goes on. Actually the 2015 Visitor’s Guide has the full list of companies present.

20150501_01CenturyLinkCenter-ShoppingDayYou could also visit some of the companies in which BRK is one of the largest shareholders if not the largest (Wells Fargo, IBM, Coca-Cola to name a few).



Warren’s all around the place…




Some of the stands displaying around…

Fruit of the Loom is usually one of the most crowded…20150501_06FruitoftheLoomStandThe same goes for Brooks’

20150501_16BrooksStandThat day, you could also run into famous fund managers, like Mario Gabelli (here interviewed by Fox BN)

20150501_12MarioGabelliOr even take a selfie with IBM’s CEO, Virginia Rometty…


You could also buy some candies from See’s (usually only available in California and actually some of them are pretty good, even to European taste).20150501_10See'sCandyBut of course, the most important part of the show was on Saturday morning, with the annual meeting. You had to get there early (4am for me), but some folks decided to get there even earlier… by sleeping on the premises.

20150502_02WaitingAlthough you could meet interesting folks from the US, it seems the majority of the early birds were from abroad, from China to Australia, and even from Kazakhstan…

Berkshire’s TV was also there interviewing enthousiastic shareholders.

20150502_03_Berkshire_TV_Interviews_AttendeesThe crazy stuff happened when the doors opened at 7am sharp. Herd mentality and the rush to get a seat (most of the time several seats) dominated for a couple of minutes, and it took a full hour and a half to fill in the Arena, which is said to be able to accommodate up to 25,000 attendees.20150502_06Rushingforseats

That’s what it looked like around 8am:20150502_08ViewfromVIPentranceAgain, you could see some folks in the distance (Bill Gates here, since he’s a board member – poor quality due to lack of light and iPhone’s poor camera capabilities):

20150502_09BillGatesUsually, the annual meeting is in 3 parts:

From 8:30am till 9:30am, BRK broadcast a mix of original videos (this year you could see some of the cast of The Office, Desperate Housewives, Breaking Bad and an imaginary fight between Buffett and Floyd Mayweather – who actually won his fight with Manny Pacquiao that night), subsidiaries ads (Fruit of the Loom, Coke, GEICO…) and footages from past events in BRK’s history (mainly the 1990 Solomon Brothers scandal).

For the fun part…

Less so fun:

Then from 9:30am till 3:30pm (with a short 1 hour recess), the Q&A session which is the most important part.

So far, a good recap of this session is from the Wall Street Journal, but as soon as a full transcript emerges, we will share it.


During the noon pause… Exhibition hall still very crowded.


After the Q&A session, the formal annual meeting takes place and lasts about 30-45 minutes.

By 4:30pm, it’s all over and people leave the place.


Sunday 3rd was about running, with the 3rd edition of the « Invest in Yourself 5K« , a 5km race which takes place from 8am till 11am in downtown Omaha.

So this was my 2nd time in Omaha, still enjoyed it.

I met a bunch of very nice people most of them truly interested in value investing and willing to make the best of the event.

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