Rising Real Yields Are the Real Threat

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Deutsche Bank’s strategist team published a report to figure out what’s currently priced in by financial markets after the bout of volatility. Rising real yields are a clear threat to the rebound in equity market. But having recently talked to fund managers in other asset classes, real yields are a threat to many asset classes where lots of money have flown other the last years (EM debt for instance).

Here’s DB’s take on European equities:

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Global/European Equities: Where is The Consensus ?

2 useful tables from Deutsche Bank that give a view on fundamental trends and valuation ratios for several market places + a deep dive into European markets (geographies/sectors/size).


Source: Deutsche Bank
Source: Deutsche Bank


10 Years After The Start of Financial Crisis, Where Are We?

Early 2007. HSBC had to concede it had deep financial troubles related to the US real estate market. The word « subprime » was starting to spread. Key players in the US real estate market, such as New Century, were also getting destroyed by the same rising tide. It was the start of the most important financial crisis in history since 1929.

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