Review the Basics: Thoughts on Valuation (1997) – Mauboussin

Michael Mauboussin is a highly respected investor, teacher, speaker and book writer. I came across a number of his notes in the past (including this one which I liked a lot). Thanks to the Internet and the many people who share good thinking, most of his notes are there to grasp and read.

While re-populating my blog, I came into his 1997 reflections on valuation. As Graham/Buffett nicely put it: price is what you paid, value is what you get. So to earn decent return when investing, you need to know the value so you can pay a price that gives you a good margin of safety.

The full note is available to read here. I just wrote down a couple of remarks that make sense to me and hopefully give you a quick overview of why it might be useful and what you will find inside.

Key purpose of the note is to defend the value-based approach of investing,  to keep in mind what really matters in valuation and not to fall into « market myths ».

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CAC40: le cash avant tout

Comme on pouvait s’y attendre, les entreprises du CAC 40 ont été lourdement affectées par la crise internationale déclenchée outre Atlantique. Mais si elles affichent des bénéfices nets en baisse (-27% selon Les Echos, -20% selon mes calculs qui excluent les 2 entreprises à exercice décalé que sont Alstom et Pernod Ricard), leur priorité de 2009 a été la préservation du cash et du bilan. Continuer la lecture de « CAC40: le cash avant tout »