Animal Spirits in Advanced Economies… from Citi

Source: Citi

Consumer in many developed countries have played a major role sustaining growth, and the current environment seems to be still supportive. The good news, if we rely on the above chart from Citi, is that business confidence seems to be catching up.

According to Citi, those « are consistent with average AE (« Advanced Economies ») real GDP growth of 2.2. (SAAR) in Q4 and 2.1% in Q1″, they wrote in a Jan 9 note.

Key question they caution is: « whether confidence can be maintained or even rise further — There are plenty of downside risks, including potential disappointment by slower-or-lower-than-expected fiscal easing, tightening monetary conditions, China, geopolitical risks and an increase in protectionism. »

David Einhorn (Greenlight Capital) « shorte » la France

Lors de la conférence Ira Sohn qui s’est déroulée hier à New York, David Einhorn a indiqué qu’il shortait la France, selon le site Marketfolly. Les raisons? L’exposition à l’Italie et à l’Espagne. Et la possibilité que la France fasse défaut sur sa dette et qu’elle retourne au franc…  Lire la suite