The Bruce Greenwald Method

h/t Value Investing World and thank you to Michael Mauboussin for initially sharing this…

A thorough review of Greenwald’s course on value investing with lots of very valuable content. For those who haven’t read his classic book Value Investing From Graham to Buffet and Beyond.

The PDF is here to download.

Guy Spier’s Education of a Value Investor – A Review

Reknowned investor Guy Spier (Aquamarine Capital) published his autobiobraphy late 2014, a book entitled The Education of a Value Investor (Palgrave MacMillan). As Spier explains himself, the book recounts his journey from Wall Street where he started as a junior investment banker to becoming a Buffett’s groupie (like many value investors, including myself) and a famous value investor, with an outstanding track record (here it is as of end 2012). Lire la suite

The recipe to become a successful value investor

Back in 2003, reading The Intelligent Investor blew my mind. I had been a financial reporter for a couple of years, in a publication that was supposed to give valuable investing ideas to individuals. From 2001 to 2002 we just witnessed the market crash, and failed to help investors protect their capital. All the way down to capital destruction, bad investment advices, all to be ashamed of when I think about it in retrospect (I sincerely apologize for that by the way).

After having read Graham’s book, I actually wondered why no one had ever asked me to read the book BEFORE I joined the newsroom… The paper is still in business, but I’m not sure their readership has greatly expanded since 2003… Lire la suite

The irrefutable defense of passive investing by one famous active fund manager

Most of you probably know that Buffett has often made the case for passive investing, which might be surprising regarding his own track record as the smartest active manager on earth.

But he is not alone…

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Berkshire Hathaway 2015 Meeting Photos & Videos

Some footage from the « Woodstock of Capitalism ». Sorry for the poor quality of images, but you should be able to recognize some folks here and there.

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Food for thought: Benjamin Graham


« Characteristically, stocks thought to have good prospects sell at relatively high prices. How can the investor tell whether or not the price is too high? We think that there is no good answer to this question —in fact we are inclined to think that even if one knew for a certainty just what a company is fated to earn over a long period of years, it would still be impossible to tell what is a fair price to pay for it today…..

On the other hand, assume that the investor strives to avoid paying a high premium for future prospects by choosing companies about which he is personally optimistic, although they are not favorites of the stock market. No doubt this is the type of judgment that, if sound, will prove most remunerative. But, by the very nature of the case, it must represent the activity of strong-minded and daring individuals rather than investment in accordance with accepted rules and standards. »

Source: Security Analysis, 1940 Edition

h/t Value Investing World

Disciple de Graham: Jean-Marie Eveillard

Un grand merci au site Manual of Ideas pour cette interview d’un très grand gérant value. Jean-Marie Eveillard est depuis mars 2009 senior advisor de la société de gestion First Eagle, après en avoir été l’un des gérants vedette. Analyste, puis gérant du SoGen International Fund, il intègre First Eagle à la fin des années 1990 pour gérer les fonds First Eagle Global et US Value Fund (aujourd’hui pilotés par Matthew McLennan, déjà cité sur ce blog).

A son tour, HSBC redécouvre l’intérêt du style value

Depuis le mois de juillet, HSBC estime que le style « value » (recherche de titres décotés) est plus attrayant que le style « growth » (recherche de valeurs de croissance). La banque vient de publier une nouvelle étude sur le sujet, avec quelques idées d’investissement pour les investisseurs intéressés par ce style de gestion. Lire la suite

Quand Exane cite Benjamin Graham sans l’appliquer

David Finch, chez Exane BNP Paribas, publie ce matin une liste de valeurs répondant aux critères de la gestion dite value, et cite abondamment Benjamin Graham. Mais il y a un gouffre entre le discours et la pratique… Lire la suite